Our Brands

Our brand is called Brother Bees and is widely sold throughout Southern Africa.

Brother Bees is a blend of imported honey. We use a high percentage of African honey in our products. Our preferred African honey comes from Tanzania and Zambia. We also use South African honey in our products and in tern support local beekeepers across the country. This unique blend of honey gives our product a unique taste and is of high quality. We ensure that our products are priced competitively and all honey is ethically sourced using sustainable beekeeping practices.

Our honey complies with the regulations governing the production of honey:

  • It has no traces of foreign sugars (C4 sugar), therefore our honey meets the specifications for pure honey as shown in the Intertek Analysis report.
  • It meets the Department of Agricultural’s honey regulations
  • Is packaged in our state-of-the-art bottling plant which has a certified food safety management system – HACCP (SANS10330) SABS approved
  • Is Halaal and Kosher certified.

Honey crystallisation:

This is a natural process and does not affect the quality of honey. It does not indicate the addition of sugars. It can be consumed in the granulated state. Honey is natures sugar alternative and does contain natural sugars. It’s this very same sugar that forms crystals over time due to the ratio of glucose and fructose. This is actually a sign of high quality honey.

If crystals appear stand the honey in a container of hot water and allow to warm slowly.

Honey’s shelf life:

Technically honey never expires if stored properly but it’s best to consume within 1 year of purchasing.

NB: Honey varies greatly in colour, flavour and consistency. It all depends on the blossoms from which the bees have gathered their nectar. Runny honey does not indicate addition of water but more how much the bees dehydrate the honey when storing it.


We source only the best honey from different countries in the world depending on the seasons’ crops, to supplement our South African honey. Imported honey is irradiated to ensure that bee-diseases are not imported into South Africa. In terms of South African legislation, all imported honey needs to be irradiated before clearing customs. Our South African honey is not irradiated.

Irradiation Facts:

  • Irradiated honey is bacteria free
  • Irradiated honey is safe to feed infants
  • Irradiated honey is free from Clostridium and Listeriosis
  • Irradiation activates enzymes making it more healthy, with better antiseptic properties for burns and wounds.

All our honey is regularly tested by independent laboratories in Germany, and the results show: PURE HONEY!

Please see the certifications in the links below.